Hi! I´m a mexican freelance artist. I hope to fill this tumblr with passion and love!

contact me at: berecreativa@gmail.com

My daughter adored Elsa' evolution. And I saw that Anna is coming next. When it will be ready?

Oh! thank you so much! I Am very excited to draw the evolution of Anna! I´m in comic-con right now, but I hope to put my hands in my art and my tumblr, the next week. I´m very tired, but equally inspired. Be prepared everyone!


Wait, what? *blushes* ooh my! I´ve been lost for a long time now, but when I return from Comic Con I’ll demonstrate my love for frozen-bananas too! thank you for your kind words! :)


I got tagged!

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Time to answer some questions!

1. Is there a such thing as Bigfoot? 
No… but Nessie is totally real!

2. Loser or Winner: Johnny Bravo
Winner, that guy is self-confident as hell.

3. Out of all of the animal species in the world, what is your favorite?
Lynx (Iberian, Canadensis… etc I love that face!) 

4. Vampires or werewolves?

5. Excluding Frozen, what is your favorite animated movie?
The Beauty and the Beast, The little mermaid, and Mulan (argh, Disney has ruined my life)

6. Movies, books, video games, comic books, anime, and manga… Place these six things in order of importance with 1 being most important to you and 6 being least important to you.
Video Games
Comic books

7. You’re on the Titanic after the ship has run in to the iceberg. You have a chance at getting on a lifeboat, but there’s a mother and her child who got lost in the crowd and wasn’t able to make it to a lifeboat. You spot them. Do you quietly take your seat and wait to be rescued or do you speak up before the lifeboat is dropped in the Atlantic ocean and allow the mother and child to take your spot knowing full well you may perish on the sinking ship?
I´ll drown, hugging at the members of the band D;

8. Following the events of 9/11, what was your reaction?
Sadness, whatever the reasons, people shouldn’t die.

9. Out of all of your family members, with whom are you closest to?
My beautiful girlfriend.

10. LGBTQ: What does it stand for?
For the right to be happy and respected like everyone else.

11. Laser pointers for cats and dogs: funny or cruel?
I think they´re funny.

12. Oral sex: Do you prefer receiving or giving?

13. What would Jesus do?
He would love all the people of the world and encouraging us to do the same, as always :)

14. Everyone on the planet dies except you and I do mean EVERYONE. What would you do for the reminder of your life as the last living human on Earth?
Something meaningful with my art… and cry a lot.

15. Rank the fandoms you’re a part of from most important to least important.
Frozen, Wicked, The legend of Zelda, Game of thrones, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Kill la Kill, Zombies

16. So, now that we’ve come to the end of the questions why don’t you take the first letter of every question and put them together?
I love my followers… and is the truth, thank you!

Anna is next!

Anna is next!


Hey!!!! I think I'm in love with your art!!! Anyways...... Um I was curious if you do commissions?

thank you! 

yeah, I can do commissions, send me an email (berecreativa@gmail.com) if you are interested :)

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and now… what?after “let it go”, it had to be very boring for Elsa…
messing around with the coloring. Manga Studio / Photoshop CS6

and now… what?
after “let it go”, it had to be very boring for Elsa…

messing around with the coloring. Manga Studio / Photoshop CS6

Anonymous asked:
¡Hola! Quisiera saber, para alguien adquiriendo su primera tableta gráfica, ¿Cual recomendarias? ¿Y cuál programa de dibujo?

Hola! bueno, en realidad la tableta gráfica depende mucho de tu capacidad económica y el espacio de tu área de trabajo. Yo comencé con una intuos 3 de wacom, la más pequeña y ahora trabajo con una cintiq de 12 pulgadas (con la que se trabaja muy diferente) pero puedes comenzar con una bamboo pen, por ejemplo. te recomendaría la marca wacom porque sus productos son durables y te ofrecen una calidad decente en cuanto a puntos de presión y cosas así. Si tienes la capacidad economica de adquirir una tableta intuos (aunque sea la pequeña) sería lo ideal. 

Sobre los programas. Creo que depende mucho sobre lo que pueda ser más cómodo para ti. Photoshop de adobe es el estandar entre los artistas, pero por ejemplo, a mi no me gusta cómo se entinta en photoshop y prefiero usar Manga Studio de smith micro, otros artistas prefieren Painter de corel, y otros se inclinan más por SAI tool. Yo te sugeriría probar cada uno de estos programas y ver cuál es el que más se acomoda a tí, ya que todo al final es una herramienta para trabajar digitalmente, así como las pinturas, los lápices, carboncillos y acuarelas son para el trabajo análogo y siempre uno se queda con lo que le da los mejores resultados. Espero haberte orientado un poco y ¡mucha suerte!

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Glad I caught you!
Commission for Michael-Goldenheart Elsa and his OC
I like Elsa`s dress in this one.

Glad I caught you!

Commission for Michael-Goldenheart Elsa and his OC

I like Elsa`s dress in this one.